Life at Aurizn

Aurizn is a workplace that celebrates a culture of collaboration and high performance and bringing your whole self and best self to work. Hear direct from our people about what life is like at Aurizn.

Want an insight into what life is like at Aurizn?

Aurizn's team consists of more than 150 staff who come to work every day to undertake cutting-edge work that crosses the disciplines of science, engineering, technology, project management and client management as well.

Our people are passionate about pushing the limits to innovate, break new ground to advance solutions.

To make these leaps forward, we know that we work better as a team - collaboration, support and teamwork is in Aurizn's DNA.

We also know that work is only one part of life, and we encourage our many unique individuals to bring not just their best self, but their whole self to Aurizn.

Tim explains what it’s like to work on the cutting edge of technology

Imagine being an engineer and getting to interact (or play) with the very latest in technology?

Senior Engineer Tim says working with defence operational equipment or cutting-edge simulation tools is all part of the ‘fun’ of his role, along with working with a a team that cares.

Mechatronic engineer and computer scientist Rachael says a supportive culture is the Aurizn way.

As a software engineer and scrum master, its Rachael’s job to make sure her Aurizn team have everything they need, and supports clients with their Aurizn products.

She says its Aurizn’s culture of support, flexibility and constant learning makes it such a great place to work.  

For Project Manager and young dad Dilan, collaboration and autonomy is what sets Aurizn apart

For a project manager, a strong culture of communication and lean processes makes it easier to be efficient and deliver on projects. Dilan says this culture is one of Aurizn's greatest strengths, and he appreciates the autonomy he has in his work, along with flexibility for his home life responsibilities.

Turning theory into real-world use gives Data Scientist Brett Schnell a great deal of work satisfaction

Brett says what makes his work exciting is taking the academic thinking and turning it into real-world use, from the bleeding edge of machine learning through to analytics.

And this is only made possible by the strong culture of team work at Aurizn, with everyone pulling together.