Our Enterprise Solutions

Aurizn offers a range of technological solutions to enable business and industry improve processes and efficiencies using automation and AI.

We use technology to help organisations create new efficiencies

From automating data to uncover new insights and better forecasting, through to planning and monitoring physical assets, Aurizn uses AI to enable enterprises improve their top-line revenue and profitability.


While AI might be the current buzzword, it’s a technology Aurizn has been developing and using for more than a decade. We have the expertise to manage the application of AI in your business to create long-term improvements and continuous success.


We can help you optimise, transition and transform your operations, providing a competitive advantage in a fast-moving technology landscape, backed by our unique expertise and commitment to customer service and outcomes.

We offer a range of AI services and products for our Enterprise clients including:

Our Offerings

Revenue Management

We use AI to enable organisations to forecast demand and continuously adjust and improve their revenue outcomes. We help maximise the use of your assets, predict demand or capacity, and dynamically price in real-time to optimise your supply chain.

Asset Management

We help you get a clear picture of your assets and resources by using AI for remote and continuous monitoring, reducing environmental risk, improving safety and maximising ESG transparency.

AI Consulting

 As more organisations need the competitive advantages of Artificial Intelligence, we help organisations use their data and machine learning to develop advanced AI models for their business.

Industry Sectors

We create bespoke solutions to suit a range of different industries and sectors, with a focus on improving their operations using data and AI modelling to create competitive advantage.

Transport & Logistics

We optimise supply chain, production forecasting and ESG for ship and ferry operators, railways, road authorities, transport operators, logistics, airport and ports.

Energy & Utilities

We use AI to undertake geospatial monitoring to support the Energy and Utilities industry with effective planning and remote monitoring of physical and network infrastructure.

Mining & Resources

As well as asset monitoring for mining and resources, we use AI to supporting exploration by creating prospecting heat maps on minerals and resources to better target operations.

Our Products

Streamline your way to optimised revenue management, turning your business data into a powerful and strategic tool for driving increased profitability.

Streamline is an AI SaaS product to maximise commercial success for your enterprise. Offering AI-driven insights, it enables companies to master revenue management, optimising product pricing and availability aligned to market demand.

Streamline’s low-risk approach to AI adoption demystifies market trends and enhances control over revenue, transforming your business data into strategic action. It’s an accessible, effective tool that swiftly turns concepts into revenue-creation solutions.

Case Studies

We have a strong reputation for taking on complex challenges. Find out more about the ground breaking work and projects Aurizn has successfully undertaken and delivered for clients.

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In collaboration with Veracio (formerly Boart Longyear) we developed the TruStructure application — a cutting-edge, web-based platform for structural and geotechnical logging.
man holding a tablet in a vineyard
Wine Australia
We used Machine Learning and high resolution satellite imagery to scan the Australian continent for the location of vineyards.
Essential Energy
Essential Energy – Vegetation Monitoring
By improving risk profiling of vegetation using remote geospatial sensing and AI, we helped power distributors improve electricity supply to millions across their network.
igo prospectivity chart
Using deep learning, we worked with miner, IGO, to revolutionise the minerals exploration process via AI-generated prospectivity heatmaps.