Immersive Simulation Environments

We use high precision and instrumented simulated environments to deliver real-world behavioural and cognitive assessments for scientific and training based activities.

Deepening our understanding of human-orientated engagement, behaviour and decision-making capacities.

Drawing on many years of experience in designing high precision immersive environments for behavioural assessment and experimentation, Aurizn has designed a world-leading immersive simulation environment which is tailored for human-orientated operations.

With significant flexibility, our solution integrates industry leading technologies and techniques to harmonise environmental realism and precision measurement. It delivers true human performance insights and versatility to achieve full spectrum outcomes across the characterisation and training continuum for real world scenarios.

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Features of

Immersive VR

Our knowledge of market leading technologies, systems integration and precision systems enables us to deliver the most compelling and immersive environments which deliver insights from cognitive behaviour through to training effectiveness.

Acoustic Projection Screen

A perforated aluminium alloy mesh reduces reverberation and echo while maintaining high resolution visual rendering for participants. Screen composition can be custom designed for different geometries and rooms, delivering a robustness not available with plastic or composite materials.

Projection & Alignment Technology

Industry leading projection technology with blending, warping and automated calibration ensures accurate visual scene rendering. Subtle changes in projection systems and screen structures are detection and accounted for in the systems automated process.

Audio Scene Rendering

The latest in audio scene rendering advancements generates a low-latency and spatially accurate audio landscape, producing compelling environmental and spatial audio effects for participants. Timing and spatial correlation maintain a realistic and immersive environment for human performance measurement.

Precision Tracking & Monitoring

Market leading optical tracking technology provides real-time human performance insights. Redundant optical tracking systems enables high precision fused tracks for accurate motion and performance assessment. Measurement capabilities includes human eye and real-time gaze tracking, and pupil metrics.

Emulated Tactical Equipment

The environment configuration can be delivered with specific equipment or integrated with third party systems and apparatus. Emulated tactical equipment may include physical consoles, weapon, vehicular or other systems with

which participants interact.

Scene Generation

Infinite Studio™ provides radiometric processing which enables parallel rendering of scenes in the Electro-Optical/Infra-Red (EO/IR) spectrum resulting in accurate synthetic scene generation in the visual and EOIR spectra. Additional gateway middleware enables simulation interoperability through Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High-Level Architecture (HLA) protocols.

Simulation Operator Console

A turnkey system provides an intuitive console for the configuration and deployment of simulations and experimentation. A management system oversees all sub-systems including participants’ safety and system performance metrics. Machine Learning can deliver data driven insights for improved mission and human performance outcomes.

Our Capabilities

We deliver bespoke immersive simulation environments which leverage our market leading capabilities, simulation experience and supply chain. Our expertise in systems engineering, mechanical and structural design, software development and visual scene development, enable us to deliver the highest quality outcomes.

Project Management

Our approach to the delivery of high value and complex programs leverages industry best practices in project management, proven expertise with the ASDEFCON framework and highly experience practitioners.

Systems Engineering

Our proven expertise in systems engineering underpins the tailoring of solutions to specific requirements, providing robust and fit-for-purpose outcomes for our customers.

Mechanical and Electrical Design

We develop bespoke designs for mechanical and electronic infrastructure to suit the physical space, configuration and technology requirements including projectors, cameras, sensors and audio systems.

Software Development

Our dedicated software team specialises in delivering software solutions to accelerate scene generation, staging, simulation execution, operations management, and reporting functions.

Visual Scene Modelling

With skills across the Unity and Unreal engines, our in-house team of graphics artists can develop custom assets, rendering effects and behaviours to suit any application.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Our team of AI/ML experts, use and adapt a range of algorithms to suit the specific analytic and decision support requirements of the overall system.

Modelling and Simulation

By developing multi-physics Modelling, Simulation and Analysis (MS&A) capabilities, we enhance mission survivability and provide tools for both hardware-in-the-loop and human-in-the-loop assessment and training.


Aurizn offers a number of unique and customisable products to create insights and solve problems.

  • Infinite Studio
  • Immersive VR
Infinite Studio

Infinite Studio

Real-time multispectral simulations and signature predictions

Delivering real-time performance and customisable environment, Infinite Studio is user-friendly and integrates with existing simulation architectures.

It supports dynamic modelling, simulations and multi-spectral research and development across a range of complex scenarios.

These include:

  • Spectrally-based sensor modelling, from visible to long-wave Infrared
  • Air, Land, Maritime and Space environment visualisations
  • Large-scale image generation for Machine Learning applications
  • Dynamic views and multiple viewpoints
Immersive VR

Immersive VR

Real world human performance insights

Aurizn’s Immersive VR solution enables true human performance insight with benefits across the scientific and training domains.

This industry leading product integrates high precision technology to provide a flexible system which can be adapted to your use-case, delivering realism and versatility and creating training and simulation outcomes for human-orientated operations.

The dome configuration enables multiple simulation participants to be immersed in a dynamic and high precision visual and aural landscape. High precision tracking systems provide accurate position and motion vectors for both personnel and apparatus (ie simulated weapons), with additional human performance metrics available through the use of eye tracking and biometric sensors.

Collectively the system delivers a correlated human performance system, which provides a deep understanding of their level of engagement, behaviour and decision-making capacity. The same capability can deliver outcomes in both the scientific experimentation and training preparedness domains.

Case Studies

We have a strong reputation for taking on complex challenges. Find out more about the ground breaking work and projects Aurizn has successfully undertaken and delivered for clients.

digital flare helicopter model
Digital Flare Model
Aurizn developed a physics-based and validated Digital Flare Model for DSTG to enable simulated testing of scenarios to improve platform survivability.
active moment apparatus
Active Movement Extent Discrimination Apparatus: Technology Refresh
We ran a technology refresh to the Active Movement Extent Discrimination Apparatus, which is used by NASA to support research into astronaut rehabilitation strategies to counter long term effects of micro-gravity exposure.
defence helicopter with military inside
Electro Optic Survivability Integration Laboratory (EOSIL)
We supported DSTG with a technical refresh of its turn-key high-precision test and evaluation capability for Threat Warning Systems to support more efficient survivability assessments.
aerial view of a cityscape
Cross Domain Desktop Compositor
Working closely with CSIRO, we developed a new cross domain desktop compositor to advance data security for Defence.
TCS - soldier
Tactile Cueing System
We accelerated the technology maturity of a Tactile Cueing System from TRL 3 to TRL 7, resulting in improved outcomes for pilots when hovering.
defence helicopter flying over water
Electromagnetic Spectrum Synthetic Environment
We supported continuous evaluation of Electronic Warfare Self Protection (EWSP) systems and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to improve effectiveness.
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