Advanced Sensing

Our Advanced Sensing capabilities include hardware and digital solutions and transformational approaches to precision measurement and decision support for complex problems.

Delivering powerful and innovative sensor systems and monitoring solutions for complex real-world problems.

Aurizn’s Advanced Sensing solutions enable your real-world and physical assets to be transformed into digital assets, creating a range of sensor and decision support solutions.

This allows for complex and hypothetical scenarios to be measured and analysed, providing insights through the use of simulation and AI products and environments.

Aurizn has over a decade of experience in delivering novel Advanced Sensing programs for customers in both Defence and Enterprise sectors, through technology acceleration, creating real-world efficiencies and improving mission survivability.

Find out how Aurizn’s Advanced Sensing capabilities can enable you to enhance your analytic approach to complex problems and create a competitive advantage.

Our Advanced Sensing Capabilities

We deliver comprehensive sensor, data acquisition and analysis systems across a range of complex domains, enabling our Defence and Enterprise customers to make robust data driven decisions.

Satellite Imagery Analysis

We use our simulation, data fusion and AI frameworks to deliver improved data products for high-stake decision support applications.

Precision measurement

We apply advanced sensing and integration technologies to deliver precision measurement capabilities that enable our scientific community to create new understanding.

System and Environmental Monitoring

With a deep knowledge of technology and environmental conditions, we provide real-time insights to assist with condition monitoring and system optimisation strategies.

Synthetic Sensor & AI Performance

Using Infinite Studio we synthetically generate a range of environmental conditions and sensor configurations for predictive sensor performance, AI validation and dynamic effects modelling.

Artificial Intelligence

Our use of AI techniques provide our customers with deep insights and actionable data for use in surveillance, monitoring and decision support environments.

Advanced Sensing Services for Defence

We deliver powerful solutions to the most complex measurement and decision support for the Defence industry across all domains. Our solutions focus on using precise measurement, synthetic sensor capabilities and AI frameworks to advance scientific and mission outcomes.

Advanced Sensing Services for Enterprise

We help organisations integrate various sensor data sources, combined with AI for monitoring and decision-making insights, to improve operational efficiencies and create competitive advantage.