AI Consulting

Make more out of your organisations data with our AI Consulting services.

Improve your decision-making, create continuous improvement and develop innovative new products.

Stay ahead of the competition

Many enterprises possess realms of data that can be used to improve predictions and operational decision making, leading to more profitable outcomes.

With our deep expertise in developing AI models, software and outcomes, we provide AI Consulting Services to organisations to help them benefit from their data.

We demystify the process of using your data and applying Machine Learning for improved data-driven decision making.

In our highly consultative process, we help you run an AI Discovery process to help you identify what data you have, what you need and what decision making you want to enhance.

As Machine Learning model outcomes optimise over time, we also design a long-term business model to help you keep improving.

Get a real competitive advantage in a fast moving world through the better use of you data and implementation of AI programs the deliver.

AI Consulting Features

Our AI Consulting services are designed to demystify the complex landscape of data. We design, build, integrate and maintain machine learning models, and integrate them into your existing ERP system or infrastructure.

Our services are designed for a range of different use cases, from prediction models to improve demand forecasting, or natural language processing for improved customer experience. We can also help you build innovative new products to maximise revenue and market share.

Geospatial AI

We integrate AI and GIS to process, analyse and understand spatial data, facilitating enhanced decision-making in asset and environmental monitoring.

Demand Forecasting with AI

We accurately anticipate customer needs, optimising capacity and inventory with data-driven forecasting, enabling business to maximise operations and profitability.

Machine vision

We unlock transformative potential with AI-enhanced machine vision, enabling workflow automation, intelligent surveillance, smart mining and remote infrastructure monitoring.

Natural Language processing

Employ AI's Natural Language to utilise models like ChatGPT, transforming unstructured data into actionable insights, summarising information, optimising operations and understanding customers.

AI Model Development

Using a process of experimentation, we help determine which model and techniques are best suited to solving your business need.

AI Discovery

The AI Discovery process consists of exploring a potential AI solution and developing an understanding of what is required for success.


The primary benefit of Artificial Intelligence is prediction. Predication increase the value of our decisions. By leveraging our AI/Machine Learning models, you can benefit from improved efficiency and productivity, better decision making and developing innovative customer offerings.

Increased revenue

Uplift your revenue and leverage AI that can achieve a x3 ROI with customers by predicting demand and optimising pricing.

Increased transparency

AI can predict outcomes based on a large set of variables. These predictions can help identify demand and utilisation to report on productivity, create visibility for different departments (eg sales) and meet ESG reporting requirements.

Real-time predictions

Real-time predictions allow businesses to make decisions based on the most current data, reducing the risk of making decisions based on outdated information.

Maximise value of data

Your data is an intangible asset that is fuel for your AI. Know which data is valuable, how to use it and what data to collect.

Augment human decision making

Predictions are an aspect of every human decision. The core outcome of AI is prediction. Increase the value of your decision by implementing AI into your decision workflows

Continuous improvement

When an AI model is first deployed, its performance is at its worst. As you generate new data, you benefit from the AI model continuously improving, optimising outcomes over time.