Our Products

We create products that push the boundaries, advancing the ways of working and delivering continuous innovation for our clients.

We have a range of advanced technology products for clients that provide solutions and deliver innovation.

Infinite Studio

Real-time multispectral simulations and signature predictions

Infinite Studio supports simulation and analysis of electro-optical and infrared systems in complex environments.

Delivering real-time performance and customisable environment, Infinite Studio is user-friendly and integrates with existing simulation architectures.

It supports dynamic modelling, simulations and multi-spectral research and development across a range of complex scenarios:

  • Spectrally-based sensor modelling, from visible to long-wave Infrared
  • Air, Land, Maritime and Space environment visualisations
  • Large-scale image generation for Machine Learning applications
  • Dynamic views and multiple viewpoints


Streamline your way to optimised revenue management, turning your business data into a powerful and strategic tool to drive increased profitability.

Streamline is an AI SaaS product that maximises commercial success for your enterprise. Offering AI-driven insight, it enables companies to master revenue management, optimising product pricing and availability aligned to market demand.

Streamline’s low-risk approach to AI adoption demystifies market trends and enhances control over revenue, transforming your business data into strategic action. It’s an accessible, effective tool that swiftly turns concepts into revenue-creation solutions."

Generic Vehicle Architecture

Get guaranteed GVA conformance with ease and precision.

Our Generic Vehicle Architecture Middleware provides significant cost and risk reduction across the development and integration lifecycle for platform and sub-system manufacturers.


We offer a globally leading and licensable GVA software framework comprising a core Software Development Kit (SDK) with Application Layer to support specific configurations.

The framework includes an implementation of the Australian Land Data Model (AS-LDM) with options for

additional concurrent versions and regional implementation (ie NATO and UK).

Aurizn can assist you in rapidly in adopting GVA to standardise interfaces for many sub-systems and scenarios including

  • Platform services
  • Video sources
  • Gateways between sub-systems, eg radar systems, cross domain solutions
  • Data logging analytics
  • Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)

Immersive VR

Get real human performance insights

Aurizn’s Immersive VR solution enables true human performance insight with benefits across the scientific and training domains.

This industry leading product integrates high precision technology to provide a flexible system which can be adapted to your use-case, delivering realism and versatility and creating training and simulation outcomes for human-orientated operations.

The dome configuration enables multiple simulation participants to be immersed in a dynamic and high precision visual and aural landscape. High precision tracking systems provide accurate position and motion vectors for both personnel and apparatus (ie simulated weapons), with additional human performance metrics available through the use of eye tracking and biometric sensors.

Collectively the system delivers a correlated human performance system, which provides a deep understanding of their level of engagement, behaviour and decision-making capacity. The same capability can deliver outcomes in both the scientific experimentation and training preparedness domains.


Assess operator workload and human performance with Cedar

The Cedar Operator Workload Assessment Tool is a flexible task platform designed to evaluate operator performance and workload.

The tool is used in the international community through a number of Defence and Academic institutions.

Uniquely developed for tablet configurations, Cedar was originally developed for the flight-test community and based on NASA’s MATB-II desktop application. Cedar takes into account a range of domains with human factors-related considerations.

With limitless applications, Cedar allows for additional tasks to be added to suit specific needs and human factors studies.