Technology Acceleration

At Aurizn we accelerate the development and transition of new capabilities for Defence by leveraging our deep knowledge and experience in technology innovation and maturation.

Our mission is to accelerate technology readiness and deliver our Defence force the best capability in a dynamic and rapidly changing world.

We work with Defence stakeholders and their strategic partners to improve Technology Readiness . We understand the operational context and can accelerate the transition of technology from the laboratory to the field.

With an experienced and interdisciplinary workforce combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) practitioners we are able to engage with the underlying science to rapidly develop, integrate and mature technologies.

Starting from enabling research through to field-ready capabilities, our experienced team will help you navigate the technology and operational complexities in fielding new Defence capabilities.

Our collaborative partnerships are key to accessing and accelerating domain agnostic technologies, proven through our relationships with Universities, Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) and sovereign Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses.

Our Capabilities

Aurizn has delivered a range of technology acceleration and technical re-fresh programs for our Defence customers, underpinned by our synergistic partnerships with Defence and academia, and experience with innovation and the Defence Capability Lifecycles.

Research & Development

We are proud of our deep scientific domain knowledge and enabling research pedigree in the development and experimentation of low Technical Readiness Level (TRL1-3) concepts, technologies and systems.

Engineering Development

Our proven engineering management system and interdisciplinary workforce spans software, systems, hardware and integration capabilities to deliver robust outcomes from laboratory validation, integration testing and verification of system prototypes (TRL4-6).

Prototyping Services

Our in-house prototyping facility and proven supply-chain supports the rapid delivery of electronic, mechanical and fabrication prototypes as part of the technology acceleration process for laboratory and field evaluation.

Platform Integration

With specialist skills in platform integration including proprietary middleware, we seamlessly transition technology sub-systems into the platform operating environment as part of developmental and operational evaluation activities (TRL6+).

Test & Evaluation (T&E)

Our experience in T&E covers sub-system and integration configurations in both laboratory and fielded environments, ensuring we incrementally prove the technology through each of the technology readiness levels.

Commercial Design & Deployment

Our strategic partner network provides the transition pathway for TRL7+ technology candidates into field-ready design candidates for operational use by our Defence customers and strategic partners.

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How to accelerate your technology

Leveraging our experience in technology acceleration will ensure you are able to rapidly adapt in a continuously changing environment and achieve a competitive advantage.

We help identify, prove and deliver new technology to achieve an asymmetric advantage in the shortest possible time.

Examples of how we have accelerated technologies include:

Enhanced Situation Awareness

We use contemporary and novel sensor capabilities, data science techniques and situation awareness technologies to improve operator, platform and mission effectiveness. We have specific expertise in the use of multi-modal situation awareness and decision support technologies such as AI.

Novel Sensors and Effectors

Our knowledge of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) and proven skills in developing novel and high precision sensors accelerates the development of augmented and substitutable technologies for use in multi-domain environments (Air, Land, Maritime and Space).

Technology Refresh

With a deep technology and engineering pedigree, we rapidly upgrade technology capabilities to improve performance, reliability and sustainability through life.


Aurizn offers a number of unique and proven products that support operations, create insights and solve problems for our customers.

  • Infinite Studio
  • Immersive VR
  • Generic Vehicle Architecture
Infinite Studio

Infinite Studio

Real-time multispectral simulations and signature predictions

Delivering real-time performance and a customisable environment, Infinite Studio is user-friendly and integrates with existing simulation architecture. It supports dynamic modelling, simulations and multi-spectral research and development across a range of complex scenarios:

  • Spectrally-based sensor modelling, from visible to long-wave Infrared
  • Air, Land, Maritime and Space environment visualisations
  • Large-scale image generation for Machine Learning applications
  • Dynamic views and multiple viewpoints
Immersive VR

Immersive VR

Real world true human performance insights

Aurizn’s Immersive VR solution enables true human performance insight with benefits across the scientific and training domains.

This industry leading product integrates high precision technology to provide a flexible environment which can be adapted to your use-case, delivering realism and versatility and creating training and simulation outcomes for human-orientated operations.

The dome configuration enables multiple simulation participants to be immersed in a dynamic and high precision visual and aural landscape. High precision tracking systems provide accurate position and motion vectors for both personnel and apparatus (ie simulated weapons), with additional human performance metrics available through the use of eye tracking and biometric sensors.

Collectively the system delivers a correlated human performance system, which provides a deep understanding of their level of engagement, behaviour and decision-making capacity.

The same capability can deliver outcomes in both the scientific experimentation and training preparedness domains.

Generic Vehicle Architecture

Generic Vehicle Architecture

Accelerate GVA conformance with ease and precision.

Our Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) Middleware provides significant cost and risk reduction across the development and integration lifecycle for platform and sub-system manufacturers.


We offer a globally leading and licensable GV software framework comprising a core Software Development Kit (SDK) wit Application Layer to support specific configurations.

The framework includes an implementation of the Australian Land Data Model (AS-LDM) with options for additional concurrent versions and regional implementation (ie NATO and UK).

Our GVA experience and middleware can also be used for conformance assessment and GVA and to support iterative testing.

Aurizn can assist you in rapidly in adopting GVA to standardise interfaces for many sub-systems and scenarios including:

  • Platform services
  • Video sources
  • Gateways between sub-systems eg radar system, cross domain solutions
  • Data logging and analytics
  • Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)

Case Studies

We have a strong reputation for taking on complex challenges. Find out more about the ground breaking work and projects Aurizn has successfully undertaken and delivered for clients.

digital flare helicopter model
Digital Flare Model
Aurizn developed a physics-based and validated Digital Flare Model for DSTG to enable simulated testing of scenarios to improve platform survivability.
active moment apparatus
Active Movement Extent Discrimination Apparatus: Technology Refresh
We ran a technology refresh to the Active Movement Extent Discrimination Apparatus, which is used by NASA to support research into astronaut rehabilitation strategies to counter long term effects of micro-gravity exposure.
defence helicopter with military inside
Electro Optic Survivability Integration Laboratory (EOSIL)
We supported DSTG with a technical refresh of its turn-key high-precision test and evaluation capability for Threat Warning Systems to support more efficient survivability assessments.
aerial view of a cityscape
Cross Domain Desktop Compositor
Working closely with CSIRO, we developed a new cross domain desktop compositor to advance data security for Defence.
TCS - soldier
Tactile Cueing System
We accelerated the technology maturity of a Tactile Cueing System from TRL 3 to TRL 7, resulting in improved outcomes for pilots when hovering.
defence helicopter flying over water
Electromagnetic Spectrum Synthetic Environment
We supported continuous evaluation of Electronic Warfare Self Protection (EWSP) systems and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to improve effectiveness.
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