Revenue Management

Use AI to forecast demand and continuously adjust and improve revenue outcomes.

Make a significant difference to your bottom line

Many enterprises under-utilise assets or capacity, which impacts profitability and the environment.

Our industry-leading AI focused Revenue Management solution is unique in market, providing demonstrable improvements to organisational profits, and aspects like ESG reporting.

We help your organisation maximise the use of assets, predict demand or capacity, and dynamically price in real-time to optimise your supply chain.

Features of our Revenue Management

Our Revenue Management solution has been developed and refined over more than a decade. As an AI based solution, it enables continuous learning, meaning it once established it continues to improve outcomes as more data comes to hand.

Our Revenue Management tool assesses your supply chain to get real-time understanding of demand and capacity, ensuring you maximise the use of your assets, reduce waste, improve ESG outcomes and reporting. 

Dynamic pricing

Continuously optimise price based on AI-driven demand forecasting, strategic business decisions and competitor pricing.

Demand forecasting

Forecast capacity utilisation and demand using sophisticated AI, with historical data sets, external data sets and large language models.

ESG reporting

Improved ESG transparency with customised reports on capacity, demand optimisation and link asset utilisation to environmental goals.


Boost revenue, maximise asset use, unlock data insights and fuel growth with our Revenue Management system.

Increased revenue

Understanding demand and dynamic pricing in real-time leads to increased revenue outcomes. Customers experience ROI within the first month of utilisation.

Increased transparency

Centralising data for optimising demand and pricing increases the transparency of your operations.

Maximise utilisation

Optimising demand and revenue for utilisation and capacity gives you the best return on your operating assets.

Turn your data into an asset

Accurate real-time predictions and pricing recommendations are derived from your internal organisational data sets. Make sure you are getting the best value out of them.

Continuous improvement

AI models continuously improve over time as new data is fed back into the model. This means you optimise your results over the long-term.

Revenue Management Product: Streamline

Streamline your way to optimised revenue management, turning your business data into a powerful and strategic tool for driving increased profitability.

Streamline is an AI SaaS product to maximise commercial success for your enterprise. Offering AI-driven insights, it enables companies to master revenue management, optimising product pricing and availability aligned to market demand.

Streamline’s low-risk approach to AI adoption demystifies market trends and enhances control over revenue, transforming your business data into strategic action. It’s an accessible, effective tool that swiftly turns concepts into revenue-creation solutions..