Our Simulation capabilities empower our customers and partners to understand and solve some of the most complex and enduring problems facing our world today.

We push the boundaries of the known by using advanced simulation techniques to improve performance and predictive outcomes.

Aurizn leverages the best in immersive, augmented and synthetic technologies to solve complex problems for its customers. As the world continues to change, so does our ability to rapidly adapt and deliver powerful insights at pace.

Our technology eco-system enables the rapid development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence to deliver state of the art opportunities and insights for increased precision and prediction.

By simulating complex and real-world conditions, we help you with deep exploration and problem solving where traditional means are no longer sufficient.

Our simulation capabilities enable you to evaluate and optimise performance, improve the safety of people, and achieve mission success. You will find new ways of solving problems, faster, safer and more efficiently.

Our Simulation Capabilities

We take a lifecycle approach to the use and adoption of simulation and proven capabilities that span capability development, performance optimisation and mission rehearsal. We can equip you with the right technology, tools and techniques for mission success.

Synthetic Scene Generation

Infinite Studio enables the synthetic generation of visual and electromagnetic scenes for use in scientific and training applications.

Live Virtual & Constructive Simulation

We leverage LVC capabilities to deliver bespoke solutions for wargaming, synthetic test and evaluation, and characterisation and training.

Tactics Development

Our immersive technologies and behavioural assessment capability delivers high value insights to develop and train new tactics, techniques and procedures for human operators.

Mission Rehearsal

Emulating complex scenarios empowers you to develop and rehearse your mission to deliver confidence and insights for success.

AI Training & Validation

Synthetic generation of data accelerates the training and qualification of advanced AI algorithms in a controlled environment, where real-world data is often lacking.

Simulation Services for Defence

Simulation is central to delivering outcomes for Aurizn’s Defence customers and underpins the delivery of complex mission outcomes across Air, Land, Maritime and Space domains. This includes performance optimisation, decision support, platform and mission survivability and technology acceleration.

Simulation Services for Enterprise

With safety and competitive advantage the central theme, our simulation capabilities provide a robust environment to deploy, train and evaluate Artificial Intelligence. This enables us to create value by helping our Enterprise customers harness the benefits of prediction.