Aurizn revealed as new brand and major digital and technology provider for Defence and Enterprise

Following the merger announcement in 2022 between leading advanced technology providers Consilium Technology and elmTEK, the brand for the new entity has been revealed – Aurizn.

Aurizn is now a major market provider for the Defence and Enterprise sectors, providing leading solutions across AI, Advanced Sensing and Simulation.

With 160+ staff, Aurizn is unique in market, as a mid-tier and interdisciplinary provider of science, engineering and technology solutions, able to deliver solutions at pace and scale.

The new entity brings together nearly two decades of combined experience in servicing the Defence sector.

“This evolution of Consilium Technology and elmTEK into Aurizn, and the combined skills we now bring to market, has been incredibly exciting for us, particularly as an organisation that values performance, innovation and collaboration,” said Group CEO Seth Thuraisingham.

“Aurizn’s capabilities in sensors, simulation and AI are critical to solving defence challenges and lowering costs and improving margins in medium to large enterprises.

Thuraisingham said Aurizn’s leadership team had strong and positive feedback from its customers across Defence and Enterprise sectors for Aurizn and its direction.

“They’ve been quick to understand the strength and value of our new proposition and the competitive advantage we can offer.

“We’re really excited to launch the Aurizn brand officially and the direction we are taking in terms of pushing the boundaries to help our Defence and Enterprise customers build a more secure future.”

Aurizn’s entry to market comes at a critical time following the recent release of the Defence Strategy Review which provides significant opportunity for mid-tier companies to directly contribute in the transformation of our national Defence capability.

Aurizn’s new CEO of Defence Ganen Ganeswaran said with Defence looking for new capabilities, it’s an exciting time for Aurizn to be bringing its strong pedigree to market.

“As part of the merger we’ve been working on refining and strengthening our digital offering to Defence, developing new capabilities like Synthetic T&E and investments in Technology Acceleration, which directly answer the needs of the Defence industry at this critical point in time.”

Aurizn’s uniquely skilled workforce will drive faster innovation and transition of sovereign technologies for Defence – enabling us to engage with the underlying science to rapidly develop, integrate and mature critical technologies, says Aurizn Director of Strategy, Bjorn Wharff.

“For example, Aurizn is currently delivering an innovative simulation and training capability for JP 500 Phase 2 which is being integrated as part of a broader multi-domain platform and mission survivability capability at DST Group.”

Already working with customers in the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors to deliver AI services, Aurizn is launching a new AI demand forecasting and dynamic pricing product to improve revenue and profitability with initial beta customers experiencing immediate revenue uplift in the first month of deployment.

“Nine months on from the release of ChatGPT, generative AI has come to the forefront. We are advancing a number of initiatives using equivalent language capabilities which allows Defence and Enterprise to retain operational control of their data,” said Thuraisingham.

“We have ambitious targets for Aurizn to be a major technology brand in Australia. We are focused on transformative solutions we know we can develop to really push the envelope for our customers. We are looking forward to working with and showing our long-term and new customers and partners what Aurizn is capable of.”