Asset Management

We use Artificial Intelligence to remotely monitor your valuable assets, reducing environmental risk, improving safety and maximising ESG transparency.

Get a clear picture of your assets and resources

Managing assets has become an increasingly complex task in today's ever changing world.

From monitoring infrastructure to assessing property damage, traditional methods of asset management have become time consuming and expensive.

However, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), organisations can streamline their asset management processes and minimise costs by integrating high resolution satellite imagery and machine learning.

Aurizn's geospatial capabilities provide AI-based solutions for property and infrastructure management and enables organisations to make data-driven decisions that improves operations and the efficient use of resources.

Asset Monitoring features

Our advanced technology offers a comprehensive view of geographically dispersed stationary assets, including natural resources. We leverage advanced algorithms to analyse high-resolution satellite images, extracting detailed information about infrastructure, buildings, roofs, and other assets.

By integrating imagery and machine learning, we help organisations improve the accuracy of inventory and monitoring, automate data collection and reduce resource load, and identify trends and patterns in asset performance to inform maintenance schedules.

Detecting pipeline leaks

Using advanced satellite technologies our automated algorithm delivers methane and oil leak maps within hours of data acquisition, enabling customers to quickly mobilise teams to take corrective action.

Monitoring Vegetation

We can continuously monitor vegetation encroachment around power lines, railways, oil and gas pipelines, increasing safety and improving maintenance planning and execution.

Monitoring change with Geospatial AI

Geospatial AI and satellite imagery allows us to monitor an area over a period of time to see what changes are indicated, and forecast future changes based on past trends.


Our Asset Monitoring solutions enable organisations to make data-driven decisions, reduce operational costs and allocate resources and budgets more efficiently.

Reduced environmental impacts

Real-time monitoring of environmental conditions, such as air and water quality, can help you detect and respond to environmental incidents quickly.

Improved safety outcomes

Use data from Asset Monitoring to create predictive models that can help identify potential safety issues before they occur.

Increased ESG transparency

Asset Monitoring can be used to leverage AI-driven solutions to improve ESG understanding, reporting and outcomes.

Case Studies

We have a strong reputation for taking on complex challenges. Find out more about the ground breaking work and projects Aurizn has successfully undertaken and delivered for clients.

military tactics development with firearm
Tactics Development Experimentation
Through the AWAKENING Series of Experiences, Aurizn provided the ADF with insights into improving aircraft capabilities and platform survivability against land-borne ballistic weapons.
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