Cross Domain Desktop Compositor (CDDC)

Working closely with CSIRO, we developed a new cross domain desktop compositor to advance data security for Defence.


Many organisations, especially government and defence agencies have a significant and ongoing need to work simultaneously across multiple security domains and applications.

These organisations need to ensure that sensitive data is appropriately separated and protected in each security domain to avoid risks from data spills, potentially resulting in serious security breaches.

The current accepted approach is to access such applications and data using duplicate sets of PCs, monitors and input devices (keyboard and mouse) along with a Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) switch.

While effective, this can result in additional user overhead, training requirements, and potential errors, impacting productivity and increasing the risk of security breaches.

Aurizn was tasked with coming up with a solution to address these critical issues.


Aurizn has been working closely with Data61 (CSIRO’s data and digital specialist services group) to develop the Cross Domain Desktop Compositor (CDDC), a concept originally developed by the Defence Science and Technology Group.

The CDDC takes video input from a PC within each of the respective security domains (connected to the CCDC) and composing windows from each PC desktop into a single video stream that is presented on the single monitor receiving input from a directly connected keyboard and mouse which is then switched to the active domain PC.

A user can switch between windows and domains to view and access applications and data. The technology separates and protects the data in each domain and ensures accidental or malicious data spills between domains are not possible.

Aurizn developed the Windows Monitor (WinMon) application software that executes on each security domain host PC. Utilising our in-depth knowledge of the Windows operating system, Aurizn provided a reliable and secure means of encoding the graphical user interface into the existing video stream.


The proposed solution addresses the critical issues by providing a more efficient and cost-effective way of accessing applications across different security domains using a single PC, monitor and input devices while maintaining security and simplicity.

The WinMon functionality has been successfully tested with an initial version of the CDDC hardware.

Following the formal integration with production standard hardware, the prototype hardware and software will be delivered to Defence.

Case Studies

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In collaboration with Veracio (formerly Boart Longyear) we developed the TruStructure application — a cutting-edge, web-based platform for structural and geotechnical logging.
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We ran a technology refresh to the Active Movement Extent Discrimination Apparatus, which is used by NASA to support research into astronaut rehabilitation strategies to counter long term effects of micro-gravity exposure.
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Electro Optic Survivability Integration Laboratory (EOSIL)
We supported DSTG with a technical refresh of its turn-key high-precision test and evaluation capability for Threat Warning Systems to support more efficient survivability assessments.
Essential Energy
Essential Energy – Vegetation Monitoring
By improving risk profiling of vegetation using remote geospatial sensing and AI, we helped power distributors improve electricity supply to millions across their network.
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Cross Domain Desktop Compositor
Working closely with CSIRO, we developed a new cross domain desktop compositor to advance data security for Defence.
TCS - soldier
Tactile Cueing System
We accelerated the technology maturity of a Tactile Cueing System from TRL 3 to TRL 7, resulting in improved outcomes for pilots when hovering.
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Electromagnetic Spectrum Synthetic Environment
We supported continuous evaluation of Electronic Warfare Self Protection (EWSP) systems and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to improve effectiveness.
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Tactics Development Experimentation
Through the AWAKENING Series of Experiences, Aurizn provided the ADF with insights into improving aircraft capabilities and platform survivability against land-borne ballistic weapons.
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Using deep learning, we worked with miner, IGO, to revolutionise the minerals exploration process via AI-generated prospectivity heatmaps.